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Saturday, June 23, 2012

TinkaTrader Is Back - June 23rd, 2012!

Hey Tinkas,

Yes, Tinkatolli Acorn is back up and running again and is ready to start posting some great guides and posts about Tinkatolli! I was very busy and now I'm back and now it's time to start posting about Tinkatolli again! I hear there's some new updates, what else, we'll just have to look around on Tinkatolli Acorn, because this Summer we'll be posting all of the latest cheats, hints, walkthroughs, and guides for all of you Tinkas out there! But first, let's get to posting about TinkaTrader, shall we? Now that TinkaTrader's finally back and has returned, he's brung some pretty cool unusuals with him, and today, he brung the following items: 100 TinkaPoints, 300 Seeds, 60 Pieces of Paper, and an Unusual Ring item! Very good trade I believe, what do you think? But before we trade, you'll need to know the Floatsam and Item locations before trading with TinkaTrader! Here's what TinkaTrader has offered for today's Tinkatrading day! :)
Very nice trade indeed, what do you guys think? :D

Alright, now that you've seen what TinkaTrader has to offer for today's trade, now it's time to reveal the current locations for the Floatsams and Items! I'm surprised that there's only 3 Floatsams to find now? Sounds much more easier! Anyway, here's the current locations of the floatsams for today's trade:
  • First Floatsam - (Blueberry Hill)
  • Second Floatsam - (Upper Canopia)
  • Third Floatsam - (Cafe Kitch)
So there you have it, did you trade today with TinkaTrader? Did you get a special ribbon or even trade with TinkaTrader? Let me know in the comments below! :)


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